Tickets are now on sale for the 8th Annual GLORIA Awards for homophobia in public life

In Parliament | 01.05.17

The annual GLORIA awards night will be returning to NSW Parliament on Wednesday 24 May 2017.

Organised by Penny Sharpe MLC to coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), the GLORIAs are a fun annual event that draws attention to homo, trans and bi phobia in public life.

The awards night culminates in a high volume boo-off to decide the worst comment of the year, with the winner engraved on the Golden GLORIA trophy.

There are six categories – Media, Sport, Politics / Law, Religion, International, and Silliest LGBTI comment made from within the LGBTI community – with public nominations online.

Already this year, there have been nominations for numerous attacks against the Safe Schools program, Victorian MP Louise Staley who said men identifying as women without undergoing reassignment surgery are simply engaging in “a radical form of mansplaining”, and repeat nominee the Australian Christian Lobby for equating marriage equality with… the Holocaust.

Some of the other nominations include:

  • Pro-Trump pastor and radio host in the US, Dave Daubenmire, who said he had to keep an eye on his daughters at their softball matches "to see if they’d taken the homo bait yet…" (adding: "they didn’t have to because they weren’t cropped-haired wide-bottomed girls.");
  • Senator Eric Abetz, who said that flying a rainbow flag in the lobby of a government building represented support for a hostile nation that had declared war on Australia;
  • Mark Latham for calling the captain of Sydney Boys High School "gay" for taking part in a video supporting feminism; and
  • Chechnya deciding that gay men should be herded into concentration camps and eliminated.

Nominations are open until 12 May 2017 at Tickets will be on sale until 23 May 2016. Tickets available now:

Quotes attributable to Penny Sharpe MLC

“As we continue to wait for a parliamentary pathway on marriage equality and witness Australian states axing the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, the GLORIAs are a great chance for us to get together and call out public homophobia and transphobia where it occurs.

“This year’s GLORIAs are shaping up to be as colourful and shocking as ever, but the message remains the same: homophobia and transphobia have no place in our society.

“So if you have heard, seen or read something that made you want to yell out loud at the media, send it to us and we will nominate it. You can nominate at

“And if you want to join in the fun, buy a ticket, they are on sale now.”


When: Wednesday, 24 May 2017, from 6.30 to 8.30pm

Where: Parliament of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney

What: A night of fun that shines a light on homophobia and transphobia in public life (with drinks & canapés)

Cost: $75 / $55 conc. Tickets available now: