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Because all kids have the right to feel safe.

The Safe Schools program is an anti bullying program that helps make schools safe and inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, school staff and families. 

Premier Mike Baird is being bombarded by a new campaign from conservative Liberal Members of Parliament and the Reverend Fred Nile who are pushing to axe the anti-bullying Safe Schools program from NSW schools. 

This is wrong. And we need to stand up and say so. 

The Safe Schools program was created because research tells us that:

  • schools are likely to have LBGTI students, even though they are not always visible
  • schools are the places where most homophobic and transphobic bullying takes place
  • bullying and discrimination impact on these students through poor mental health, poor academic achievement, lower rates of attendance and higher rates of self harm and suicide 

The Safe Schools program saves lives. 

It plays a vital role in educating students about bullying and making schools safe and welcoming places for all students. 

The simple fact is all children have the right to feel safe – there are no exceptions. 

Keeping kids safe is what Safe Schools is all about.

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