Red Leather #129 | SPECIAL EDITION: Women need safe access zones

Red Leather | 30.03.17

Women need safe access zones.

Today I introduced into the NSW Parliament a bill to establish 150m safe access zones around abortion clinics in NSW.

Penny's speech introducing the safe access zones bill

It is a change to the law that is well overdue.

This bill has the full support of the NSW Parliamentary Labor Party and will be debated in coming months.

Women across NSW are subject to harassment and intimidation by individuals and organised groups when attempting to access health clinics that provide abortion, reproductive health services, cancer screening and other contraceptive services.

At some clinics, threats and intimidation are a daily occurrence. All women deserve the right to enter all health facilities free from harassment and with their privacy protected. In NSW, women do not have this right.

This is what I hope to change.

I hope that you can support the campaign in a very simple way. Please sign the open letter to NSW MPs to show your support, share it with your friends and family.

There is community support to stop the harassment and intimidation of women outside clinics in NSW.

Labor Governments in Tasmania, the ACT, Victoria and most recently the Northern Territory have been able to make safe access zones a reality.

We can do the same in NSW. Keep your eyes out for more campaign activities and thanks for your help.


PS sign the open letter now at