Red Leather 120 | 4 April 2016

Red Leather | 04.04.16

plastic-bags.jpgWhat has Penny been up to?

I have introduced a bill to ban single use plastic bags in NSW. It will be debated later this year. Sign the petition to show your support for the ban.

I recently visited the Far South Coast to see old growth forest and coastal lakes that had been protected by the previous Labor government. The trip also took in a visit to the SE forests where there are less than 100 koalas left. I also headed to north to visit forests with the North East Forest Alliance.

Last week the Government quietly snuck out the State of the Environment Report .This important triennial report shows that the Government's cuts to programs and staffing, a lack of data and a lack of commitment to addressing environmental concerns is responsible for environmental conditions that are worsening across NSW.


In Parliament,

  • Labor strongly opposed the Government’s anti-protest laws which are an assault on peaceful protest and on the right of citizens to have a different view about the future of our land and water. Read my speech here.
  • Labor voted against Fred Nile’s attempt to ban Uber in NSW because Labor supports innovation and an approach that recognises that changes in our economy brought about by technology need to be reflected by government through sensible  regulation. Read my speech here.
  • Labor voted to try and stop the Government’s massive penalty increases for cyclists (that are not about improving safety but are part of a culture war being waged on cyclists by Duncan Gay.) Read my speech here.


What has the NSW Opposition been up to?

Labor exposed Government blow-outs in infrastructure projects and how Baird is lining the pockets of his own MPs.

Daily Tele 4/04/16


women-in-shadow-Cabinet.jpgFollowing the decision by Labor’s Deputy Leader, Linda Burney MP to contest the seat of Barton at the Federal election, Luke Foley announced a new Shadow Cabinet, with a record number of women MPs on the front bench.

Labor revealed the extent to which seniors and pensioners who travel on trains in NSW will be hard hit by planned changes to train fares by the Baird Government.

Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib stood up for Safe Schools calling on Premier Mike Baird to get Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reverse his decision to scale back anti-bullying programs in NSW schools.

Labor has put forward legislation to rescue TAFE from the targeted attack by the Liberal-National Government, and guarantee at least 70 per cent of the vocational education and training (VET) budget will be allocated to TAFE.

Shadow Minister for Skills Prue Car also said that the Baird government ignoring the true extent of the plummeting apprenticeship and traineeship numbers in NSW.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley revealed that the government is gouging almost $1 billion from Sydney Water customers in dividends and payments, meaning that Sydney Water is forced to look at cheap and nasty solutions for managing wastewater, which includes dumping raw sewage straight into Sydney Harbour.

Following the Government’s re-introduction of tolls on the M4, Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park has introduced legislation to require a public interest test to be met before road tolls can be raised and require the Auditor-General to review pre-existing road toll contracts.

Shadow Minister for Transport Jodi McKay revealed that residents in rural and regional NSW are set to lose out again as the Baird - Grant Government sneaks through its plans to close train stations and reduce the number of hours stations are staffed.


Take Action

ALP-Plastic-bag.jpgSign my petition to ban single-use plastic bags

Every second, 159 single-use plastic bags are used across Australia. In NSW up to 61 million bags are littered annually. These bags take decades to begin to degrade, polluting oceans and the environment.

On behalf of NSW Labor I have introduced a bill into the NSW Parliament to ban the use of single-use, lightweight polyurethane bags (35 microns or less).

Show your support by signing this petition, and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


Stand up for nature

As we await the release of draft biodiversity laws that will water down environmental protections. Sign the petition to stop Baird's war on trees!


Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion

The NSW Government is inviting comments on suggested management initiatives to enhance marine biodiversity in the Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion.


NSW Parliamentary Inquiries receiving submissions