Plastic is polluting our waterways and oceans - NSW Liberals and Nationals must take serious action

In Parliament | 14.04.19

The NSW Liberals and Nationals must take serious action on plastic pollution by introducing a ban on single use plastic bags and developing a plan to phase out single use plastic after a report from the Australian Microplastic Assessment Project revealed that some of Sydney’s most popular beaches were also some of the most heavily polluted.

Popular swimming spots like Athol beach, Manly Cove, Newport Beach and Towra Point have the most elevated levels of microplastics out of all the beaches in Sydney.

NSW Interim Opposition Leader and Shadow Environment Minister Penny Sharpe said the high levels of microplastics across popular Sydney beaches were concerning because it increased the possibility  of people ingesting chemicals that are highly toxic.

Micro plastics are also killing turtles & other sea life. 

Ms Sharpe called on Environment Minister Matt Kean to take serious action by first banning single use plastic bags, and then begin planning to phase out single use plastic and provide increased support for domestic recycling initiatives.

NSW Labor will reintroduce its bill to ban single use plastic bags when Parliament resumes to give the NSW Liberals and Nationals the opportunity to end the damage single use plastic bags are causing to the environment. 

Ms Sharpe said: “This latest report raises grave concerns about the levels of pollution that exists on some of our most popular beaches. It raises serious concerns about what sort of contaminants swimmers might be exposed to.

“Its high time that Minister Kean and the NSW Liberals and Nationals took serious action on plastic pollution" 

“It’s time for the government to act and stop the damage to our environment and the contamination of our beaches”, Ms Sharpe said.