Opposition demands urgent government intervention on Central Coast waste issues

In Parliament | 08.08.17

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Central Coast Labor MP’s are demanding that the NSW Government urgently intervene to resolve waste issues confronting the Central Coast. 

The report on Monday night’s 4 Corners program revealed significant problems with the waste industry across NSW with two important Central Coast examples highlighted. 

The report revealed:

  • Over 50 per cent of recycled materials is not being recycled and is ending up in landfill or stockpiled interstate;
  • Illegal dumping is running rampant with the EPA failing to act and a shocking example of illegal waste dumping on the Hawkesbury at Spencer still outstanding;
  • Unsuitable sites like Mangrove Mountain are set to expand and put at risk the water catchment on the Central Coast.

The Opposition is calling on the government to take the following actions:

  • Support an expansion of the terms of reference of the current Upper House Parliamentary Inquiry into Energy from Waste to examine the issues raised in the 4 Corners program;
  • Demand that the EPA review and report on outstanding illegal dumping investigations and prosecutions to the Parliamentary Inquiry;
  • Instigate a special inquiry into the dumping at Mangrove Mountain and safety of the water catchment;
  • Throw the book at those involved in illegal dumping. 

Comments attributed to Shadow Minister for the Environment, Penny Sharpe: 

“The two shocking examples of the massive landfill at Mangrove Mountain and the illegal dumping at Spencer need urgent attention. The NSW Government cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this broken waste system.” 

Comments attributed to Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, David Harris: 

“These issues have gone on for too long with no action from an uncaring NSW Government. The health and wellbeing of our unique environment on the Central Coast demands urgent action.” 

Comments attributed to Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch: 

“It is time for a special inquiry into the Mangrove Mountain landfill and proper legal pursuit of illegal dumpers”. 

“The Gosford community should not have to wait any longer.” 

Comments attributed to Member for the Entrance David Mehan: 

“These revelations can’t be ignored. Our water catchment is too precious to risk and we will not rest until these issues are addressed.”