Don’t let Mike Baird take a chainsaw to NSW: Special Edition of Red Leather

Red Leather | 06.10.16

Welcome to the 123rd edition of Red Leather.

One of our petition postcards!

In coming weeks the Baird Government will introduce a bill to Parliament that will water down land clearing laws and remove protections for native animals. The proposed Biodiversity Conservation Bill is a biodiversity bill in name only.

There has been a concerted campaign to try and stop these laws. 

Through submissions, rallies and contacting Members of Parliament, many community members, scientists, environmentalists and farmers have asked the Baird Government to abandon their proposals.

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I want to update you about what Labor has been doing to draw attention to and fight against the watering down of environmental protections that have stopped broad scale land clearing, saved native animals, helped protect our soil and water as well as contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Labor has made our position clear. We will not support a backward step when it comes to protecting the biodiversity of NSW. As Shadow Minister for the Environment, I have outlined Labor’s concerns in the NSW Parliament.

I was pleased to work with the Nature Conservation Council and the Wilderness Society to host farmers from across NSW who do not support the proposed changes to the land clearing laws. We held a briefing for Members of Parliament and were able to show the film Restoring Earth.

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Over 650 farmers, food suppliers & land managers have signed a statement calling on the Baird Government to change what is being proposed in the draft laws. This was covered by regional television across the state.

Labor is currently running a postcard petition across the state asking people to stop Mike Baird taking a chainsaw to NSW. We are calling on the government to abandon these laws. If you would like copies of the petition please email my office at [email protected] with your address and we will send you some out.

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The devastating impact on native animals has also been exposed with the revelation that the licensing system that provides oversight of the killing of native animals across our state will be scrapped. The Baird Government has declared open season on our native wildlife.

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Today I wrote to the 73 NSW-based scientists who have called on the laws to be abandoned. Labor agrees.

In coming weeks all who care about saving native animals and vegetation, improving our soils, our water and our environment in NSW will have to keep up the pressure on members of the Baird Government as well as the upper house members from the Christian Democrats and the Shooters & Fishers Party.

I look forward to working with you as we try to stop Mike Baird taking a chainsaw to NSW.

Penny Sharpe
Shadow Minister for the Environment