Coogee's ageing bus fleet

In Parliament | 23.08.16

Documents obtained by the NSW Opposition have identified buses in Coogee that are now well and truly past their prime. 

The documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) have shown the wear and tear on Sydney’s ageing bus fleet with the Baird Government responding at a snail’s pace to replace the worn out old buses. 

The oldest bus in Coogee is nearly 22 years old and has travelled more than 1,160,000 kilometres. 

In Coogee the buses with the most kilometres are: 

  1. 1,160,575 km
  2. 1,146,692 km
  3. 1,142,471 km
  4. 1,138,943 km
  5. 1,132,263 km 

Despite Sydney’s fleet becoming increasingly worn down the Baird Government has only added 13 new buses into the city-wide fleet in the last six months. 

However Coogee missed out with no buses added to service the area. 

Quotes attributable to Labor Duty MLC for Coogee Penny Sharpe 

“Commuters in Coogee would be mortified to know just how many kilometres the bus that takes them to work each day has travelled.

“The Baird Government needs to make sure that the bus fleet is kept up to date. At the very least they should be from this century. 

“The Government has left commuters in Coogee with worn out old buses that are well past their use by date. 

“When a commuter hops on a Government run bus they expect it’s meeting all of the checks and balances.”