Budget: Impact of Baird cuts to TAFE laid bare

In Parliament |

The full extent of the impact of Baird Government cuts to TAFE has been laid bare by the budget with yearly enrolments for 2016 down by more than 126,000 compared against 2012. 

Budget papers also show there were 14,567 fewer students with disabilities enrolled in TAFE compared to the same period. 

The budget also reveals that 5,200 teachers and support staff have been sacked since 2012. 

Yesterday’s budget also reveals that the Baird Government spent $314 million less than it promised this time last year. 

When asked about the cuts in Question Time, the Treasurer said she was "proud" of what the Government was doing to TAFE. 

Under this Government’s watch teachers and support staff have been sacked and TAFE campuses have been earmarked for sale. 

Quotes attributable to Shadow Skills Minister Prue Car 

"Mike Baird's Budget has confirmed what TAFE teachers and students already know - this Government is hell bent on destroying TAFE. 

"Thousands of students are leaving TAFE thanks to the Baird Government’s policy of cutting courses, driving up fees and sacking staff. 

“How can the Treasurer stand up and say that she’s proud of what her Government has done to TAFE. It’s an insult.”