Berejiklian Ministry one of the largest and least representative in the country

In Parliament | 01.04.19

Premier Berejiklian has announced a new cabinet with less women and more Ministers than most state governments.

The enlarged Cabinet welcomes more of the Premier’s factional friends but women’s place at the decision making table in NSW is significantly diminished.

In total five of the 24 Ministers are women – a lower level of female representation than the abysmal Morrison Government. The previous ministry had 26 per cent women, there is now only 20 per cent.

Interim leader of the Labor Opposition, Penny Sharpe, said “Women make up half the population of NSW yet get only 20 per cent representation around the Cabinet table. This is a disappointing result that makes NSW in one of the least representative Cabinets in the country.”

The Premier has appointed one of the largest and most expensive Cabinets in NSW history.

Starting with 24 Ministers, the largesse does not stop there with 17 MP’s named Parliamentary Secretaries and an additional 9 office holders.

There are now only 11 MP’s who are genuine backbenchers in the new government.

The Premier has also indicated Government departments will be merged leading to significant concerns about further service cuts and job losses.

Ms Sharpe, warned the Premier against cuts to service delivery and jobs after $70 billion in privatisations over the last eight years and the waste of $14 billion due to cost blow outs.

Ms Sharpe said that Premier Berejiklian had three immediate priorities:

  • Stopping the blowouts and delays on major projects currently totalling $14 billion and rising.
  • Guaranteeing that every promise no matter where it was made and how each electorate voted will be delivered.
  • Reversing eight years of neglect of the environment by reversing out of control land clearing, saving our rivers and standing up to the climate change sceptics inside the government like the Premier’s own Treasurer to seriously address climate change.

“The Premier had an opportunity to appoint a representative cabinet that is serious about climate change. Unfortunately, it looks like factional deals and climate sceptics have won out.”